Sectors - Local Government

KGB understands the significance of the workplace and that it is evolving. Local authorities and Councils are starting to optimise their use of space to create efficient, flexible and adaptive environments that are more people-friendly. This has an impact on the level and frequency of services thereby affecting cost.

We welcome the opportunity to work with our clients to provide cost scenarios and best cleaning practice which brings a fresh approach to service delivery in an open and transparent way. Improving the working environment that enhances team working, knowledge sharing and creativity requires us to encompass sustainability, exemplar facilities services, construction, design and consultancy.

We currently provide cleaning services within local government from single sites to multi-sited contracts utilising static, mobile and periodic maintenance teams. While this provides compliance to the day-to-day cleaning requirements it also provides a level of emergency response by having mobile teams in place as currently serviced at Kent County Council with more than 300 sites.


New Contract Wins

KGB Cleaning has been successful in achieving further wins.

A number of Northern Academy Schools & Colleges

A Famous London Gallery

Fusion Lifestyle covering over 60 Sites and a contract value in excess of £3m annually

Northampton Academy

and many more recently awarded or re-awarded contracts