Services - Green Cleaning

KGB has introduced a green cleaning philosophy in recent years following extensive trials with a number of different cleaning products and materials. KGB can now offer a 100% "green cleaning regime" for most building environments.

Our proactive approach of continually trialling and assessing the benefits of innovative and environmentally friendly products and concepts has led us to the position where, in addition to cleaning using propriety chemicals.

We can offer:
  • Cleaning with unique ionised water- no additives, no chemicals, no packaging- just tap water.
  • Cleaning products that are; non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-flammable, derived from sustainable resources and compliant with environmental legislation.
  • Concentrated products that have reduce packaging, transport and smaller storage requirement.
  • Battery powered cordless vacuum cleaners with advanced technology allowing the option of operating at nearly 100% less power consumption and safer in use without trailing cables.

At KGB "we believe that everyone has the opportunity to make a difference to our environment" Brian Gray, Managing Director of KGB Cleaning & Support Services Ltd


New Contract Wins

KGB Cleaning has been successful in achieving further wins.

A number of Northern Academy Schools & Colleges

A Famous London Gallery

Fusion Lifestyle covering over 60 Sites and a contract value in excess of £3m annually

Northampton Academy

and many more recently awarded or re-awarded contracts