Sectors - Education

KGB supports the creation of inspirational educational environments that meet the evolving needs and demands of pupils, staff and the community. KGB experiences spans near two decades in the provision cleaning and associated services across Schools, Colleges and Universities within the UK.

We provide a complete solution from general term cleaning to deep cleaning and scheduled periodic maintenance during closure. There are many demands on cost within the education sector and KGB has demonstrated capability in delivering savings while maintaining agreed service levels.

We therefore ensure that our primary focus is to deliver high quality, innovative, sustainable solutions that optimise value for money to assist Schools, Colleges and Universities to be fit for learning in the 21st century. Our employees working within these areas are periodically CRB checked along with the regular review of policies and procedures for the safeguarding and welfare of children and vulnerable adults.


New Contract Wins

KGB Cleaning has been successful in achieving further wins.

A number of Northern Academy Schools & Colleges

A Famous London Gallery

Fusion Lifestyle covering over 60 Sites and a contract value in excess of £3m annually

Northampton Academy

and many more recently awarded or re-awarded contracts