It is important that individuals throughout all of KGB's operations retain a set of core values and approaches to the process of doing business that is not only safe but mindful as to what we can do better. The reputation of KGB, and the confidence of those with whom we deal, is among its most vital resources. The protection and continued improvement of these is of fundamental importance and is championed by Brian Gray, Managing Director.

KGB is committed to reducing the impact and effect on the environment as a result of its operations and as such we are constantly looking at new ways to tackle sustainability in the workplace. We acknowledge that sustainability is the umbrella under which we manage our responsibilities to the wellbeing of our employees, the environment, our communities and the business as a whole. We are equally committed to helping our clients meet their sustainability challenges.

We expect high ethical standards in carrying out our business activities and do not tolerate any form of corrupt practice and consider harassment of any employee for any reason to be unacceptable. In line with the recent Anti-Bribery Act, we have reviewed and updated our policies to reiterate a zero tolerance.

We believe we have a social responsibility to provide and promote opportunities for our employees and to reflect our involvement in the local communities in which we operate. We believe that by engaging with local communities and ensuring local employment within the areas we operate.

Ultimately, KGB Cleaning & Support Services see Corporate Social Responsibility as the continuing commitment by the business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development. At the same time improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families, and playing a positive role in the local community and society in general. It also encompasses many issues, including environmental impacts, health, safety, employee relations, business ethics, and social and environmental impacts in the supply chain. At KGB "we understand that the underpinning of our CSR activities within all that we do is vital, as we continue to be a sustainable and ethical example of a 21st century business." Tony O'Shea, Operations Director


New Contract Wins

KGB Cleaning has been successful in achieving further wins.

A number of Northern Academy Schools & Colleges

A Famous London Gallery

Fusion Lifestyle covering over 60 Sites and a contract value in excess of £3m annually

Northampton Academy

and many more recently awarded or re-awarded contracts